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]32-Is Obama A Natural Born Citizen? ... ... ... ... ... Presented 2/5/2012 ... Printed 2/9/2012

Is Obama A Natural Born Citizen?
Article One of the Federal Constitution provides that in order for a candidate to be eligible to serve as President the candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States, which begs the question, "What is it that constitutes being a Natural born citizen?"
There is much discussion as to how such status may be determined - did the Founders mean that one or both of the candidates parents must have been natural born citizens of the United States or would the candidate’s natural born citizenship status be determined entirely on the location of the candidates birth, with no consideration of where either of the candidates parents were born?
The clear implication inherent in any form of the word "nature", in regard to the cause of the origin of anything, is that whatever it might be, that its origin was caused by Nature, without any artificial influence of mankind.
As governments are artificial political creations of men, having no physical existence, it is not possible for anyone to be born in any such artificial political physically non-existing entity, or to be born into citizenship of any such artificial political physically non-existing entity.
The voluntary claiming of citizenship clearly acknowledges a voluntary political subservience by an individual with intellectual cognitive ability, which human children do not yet possess.
As Natural Law and the Thirteenth Amendment both prohibit involuntary servitude of any description, it is clear that in order for an individual born politically free and independent to become a citizen of the United States, the individual would have to mature to the age of accountability in order to volunteer into such subservient status, therefore, there can not possibly be any such status as a natural born citizen of the United States.
Additionally, as humans at birth are totally devoid of any ability to take cognitive notice of the conditions of their birth, it is impossible for anyone to know when or where they were born, or who their parents were, or whether or not a birth certificate was created at the time of their birth.
It is reasonable that the Founders intended that a presidential candidate must be born in close proximity to adults well schooled in and knowledgeable of the English Common Law, with a strong loyalty to the individual Freedom based political and economic structure of the United States in order to avoid electing a president who would have been imbued as a child with a foreign political structure contrary to individual freedom, who would be morally inclined to destroy such individual Freedom, such as has been and is being manifested by President Barrack Hussain Obama.
The clear intent of the Founders was to require a presidential candidate to be eligible to claim United States citizenship due to native birth, without the necessity of renouncing any previously acquired political obligation to any foreign political entity or naturalization requirement.

Eric Williams,  Yellville

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