Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Health Care Abortion?

There is great concern at this time about Adolph Obama’s health Care requirement that Christian health care facilities provide abortion paraphernalia to patients against the moral convictions of the health care providers.

Many people are complaining that such requirement is a violation of the First Amendment’s protection of Religious freedom.

And then Adolph comes out with his claim that this is not a religious violation because the care givers are business organizations - and the fact that they are operated by Christians or others with moral convictions, Adolph claims that is irrelevant.

He could also make the argument that those calling themselves churches are not actually churches because they have incorporated in order to allow their congregations to deduct their contributions from their income tax, a "right" not accorded to churches that have not applied for 501(c) exempt status.

But what about the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude? I contend that the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition precludes Adolph Obama’s entire Health Care Plan! Why stop with halfway measures? Let’s go full bore and get rid of the entire package on the basis of its violation of the Thirteenth Amendment!

And, a Thirteenth Amendment claim could not be attacked later under IRS 501(c) violations.

All to many times when people are upset they jump to an emotional response instead of thinking it properly through.

Every time the government does something that seems fishy - stop and ask yourself if you have the Natural God given authority to do whatever it might be that you are upset about that the government is doing.

We are taught as children that all government authority is delegated to the government by the people - stop and think about that - if you don’t have authority from Nature to do whatever the government is doing, then neither does anyone else and if no one has the Naturally imbued authority then no one can possibly delegate what they don’t have to the government so neither can the government properly claim to have it - except in a police state.

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Eric Williams,  Yellville

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