Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Last week two writers wrote critically of my contributions to this page; one wrote of my comments about the natural born citizen provision for a presidential candidate and mentioned several "expert"opinions purporting to explain the meaning of the vagueness of the constitutional wording, which was exactly my point. When the wording of the Constitution is vague, as so much of it is, then we are all vulnerable to various interpretations of "experts", all of which are nothing more than their opinions and do nothing to change the fact that the wording is vague. My comment that there can be no such status as a natural born citizen is irrefutably true. No matter that "everyone" born in this country has been indoctrinated to believe they were born into U.S. citizenship such indoctrination does not change the fact that it is impossible for anyone to be born into a condition of political servitude to an artificial political organization for at least two reasons:

(1) It would be a violation of Natural Law. How could it be that those born prior could have proper authority to declare the subservience of those born later? How do I arrange to be born first?; (2) The Thirteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution prohibits involuntary servitude. The public schools of America teach that the Fourteenth Amendment provides that everyone born in the United States is automatically a citizen due to such birth, however a careful reading of that Amendment reveals there is no such establishment in that Amendment. Please pay attention to the words, "... , and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, ...". My substantial research into this subject indicated that citizenship is actually entered into when the native born individual presents his or her birth certificate in order to be issued a driver license, which constitutes the applicants voluntary application to enter into a subservient citizenship relationship to the state by applying for a license to use the name on the birth certificate that became owned by the state, under Arkansas Title 18,28,202. Ask any naturalized citizen, citizenship is a political contract entered into voluntarily. Children cannot contract due to intellectual immaturity. The state considers a sixteen year old as a young adult, being able to contract with the state in regard to a driver license, however until the young adult voluntarily applies to enter into that relationship the state has no political dominion over that individual. Why else would the state require the applicant to present a birth certificate.

Please understand that there is no information on a birth certificate that can connect it to any particular individual, however, in order to understand that you must put aside a lifetime of indoctrination. This is very difficult to do which is why some readers of my letters perceive my presentations as convoluted. Due to the topics I write on it is impossible to respond to generalizations claiming my presentations are convoluted. It is difficult to fully present these Freedom based presentations due to reasonable space limitations which is why I started my Internet blog:
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