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People or Citizen, Which Are You?

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Last week Jim Smith criticized me for questioning Obama’s citizenship, however I have never done that.

I explained that no one could be born into citizenship because citizenship is irrefutably a condition of servitude so citizenship by birth is prohibited by the Thirteenth Amendment. I did not limit this to Obama, I clearly indicated such applies to everyone.

However, being born "in" the United States is recognized as a birth acquired right to claim citizenship upon maturity (without naturalization), which is why otherwise Sovereign school children are fraudulently indoctrinated to "voluntarily" present a birth certificate when applying for a driver license.

U.S. citizenship is defined in the Fourteenth Amendment, wherein the first clause establishes that U.S. citizens have no rights, only privileges accorded by Congress. It is not worded quite that clearly but what else can the words "..., and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, ..." possibly mean?

If you don’t like that then munch on the Fourth Article, which provides that citizens shall not complain about the validity of the public debt - which means - citizens, shut up and pay up!

The word "citizen" is inherently a political word and constitutes an inherent acknowledgment of political subservience, no matter the context. However, there is no manner of political implication inherent in the word "people", but a political application can be imbued into it depending on the context, which we find in the Preamble and Amendments 1,2,4,9 and 10, however such implication is of Political Superiority, NOT subservience!

The Preamble very clearly establishes that the purpose of the Constitution was/is to secure the blessings of liberty to the People of the United States and THEIR Posterity - citizens are not mentioned or intended to be included!

Please take note that neither is the word citizen included in any of the first Ten Amendments, and that the First Amendment is divided into two parts, the second part protects the People’s right to redress - does not apply to mere citizens! Please pay attention to the words!

Citizens have no gun right protection in the Second Amendment! All court opinions recognizing Bill of Rights applications to citizens are mere window dressing. Pay attention to the overall reduction of the citizens ability to control any aspect of his life! All gradually done beginning with the Preamble, the reconstructing of the Bill of Rights by the "Former" Aristocrats and the imposition of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868, after all of the commoners of the Revolutionary era had died.

Remember, when Patrick Henry read the Constitution he said he smelled a rat and would have no more to do with it.

The Constitution is vaguely written to be applied by honorable scholars, among whom, sadly, we will not find Barrack Hussein Obama!

So, which are you, of the Sovereign People or a mere subservient citizen?

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