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What is Freedom?
We all use this word with a presumption that everyone agrees about what it is that constitutes Freedom, but when we vote the outcome is usually within 5 points between the yeas and nays; and this is even true with many of the votes of the Supreme Court - If those Justices can’t agree on how the law works under Freedom then how can we commoners be expected to figure it out?
Our country’s financial condition is in shambles and everyone agrees that government spending must be reduced but no one agrees where the cuts should be made, so how can we ever modify our Freedom based government so that it will not degenerate into these disastrous conditions?

How do we determine how much government is the right amount? How should laws be written and where should the money to support government come from and where should it be spent, in order for all the foregoing to enable Freedom to flourish?

How do we determine where to draw the line?

What is the fair amount of tax you should pay? And, who gets to decide?

Everyone has a different idea -

Where do we draw the line? Or more to the point - How do we determine where to draw the line - so that everyone must agree the line is properly drawn?

If we are to ever be truly Free the line must be drawn with a mathematical certainty, so that everyone must agree, otherwise we will have failed and we will continue making the same old mistakes that always lead us into to the same mess.

I read the following definition of Freedom some 40 years ago: "Freedom is the societal condition that exists when everyone has full, 100%, control over their own property".

The question is, "How do we implement that and still provide a means of funding government?"

The men who created our government were men just like us - they had no magic wand and neither do we, but neither did they or we have an ability to transfer authority we do not individually Naturally possess, to an entity created through our intellectual endeavors just because we call it government.

The foregoing clearly indicates that neither we nor the Founders could have any proper authority to imbue our government with any more authority than the authority Nature imbued into each of us individually. To go beyond that is to create the police state we now suffer under.

Mortgages and finance purchases were not common at the founding of our country but such is quite prevalent now. Why don’t we Federalize the Central bank and credit all the interest on the millions of mortgages, auto loans and credit card purchases to the four levels of government, thereby allowing us to totally eliminate all taxation at every level of government.

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