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]31-Teen Vandals Caught - Parents Arrested!!! ... ... Presented 1/28/2012 - Printed 2/2/2012

Teen Vandals Caught
Parents Arrested!!!

No, that is not hat we read on the front page last week, what we read was “Teens Arrested for Vandalism”, however I contend that the caption of my letter would have been more appropriate, or perhaps, even more to the point would have been, “Teen Vandals Caught, Marion County Quorum Court Arrested”, or “Arkansas State Legislature Indicted".

Given the Twilight Zone our society has degenerated into  I am not at all surprised that teens commit such acts, what else is there for them to do?

When I was a teen, way back before government undertook to totally micro-manage our lives, we teens all had jobs after school and on weekends. With home work and after school jobs teens back in the stone age where I was raised did not have time to be bored and get ourselves into trouble.  However there were ZERO restrictions on us being employed.  We did not have to maintain any certain grade level or get permission from the school in order to be employed, and there were no minimum wage laws or child labor laws to get in our way, and neither did our parents purchase cars for us - if we wanted a car - and we all did - we had to get a job and save up money and pay for it ourselves, and maintain it also.

The high school I attended had vocational machine shop, auto shop and wood shop - we did not have time for vandalism - we were too busy learning how to be adults to engage in such childish behavior.

I don’t blame the teens - NO - I blame their parents, and the legislators for enacting child labor laws and minimum wage laws.

There were no adults bagging groceries at the super market - we teens did that and we did not get paid by the store - we worked for tips - and we better show up dressed properly, no blue genes, and we better be wearing a tie - what happened to that? Now either the cashier or another store paid adult employee does all the bagging, causing prices to be higher than if teens were still allowed to bag for tips.

When I was a teen I had as many as three part time jobs at the same time and still had time to be on the football and track teams and got straight A’s in Vocational Machine Shop - and there was no sex ed either, we were to busy learning how to be adults by doing what adults did - being responsible - earning money to pay our way - my folks required me to pay a percentage of what I earned to them, and I had to buy my own clothes too! And do chores at home, mow the lawn and tend the garden and feed the rabbits my dad was raising for pelts.

What happened to teaching/expecting teens to emulate adults?

I am glad I am now 78 - and NOT 7 or 8!
Eric Williams - Twilight Zone. Arkansas

]30-Anchor Baby Fraud ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. Presented 1/23/2012 - Printed 1/26/2012

Anchor Baby Fraud

As strange as it may seem, there is no such thing as citizenship by birth. The wording of the 14th Amendment does not establish US citizenship by birth and if it did, it would constitute a violation of Natural law.

As strange as it may seem, no one has ever been born in the United States. This is true because the United States does not physically exist. The US exists only as an artificial political entity. This is not a complaint or a denial of the existence of the U.S., only a statement of undeniable fact.

The U.S. exists only in its Constitution and in the minds of those persons who agree to accept such existence. However, just because I agree that the US exists such agreement does not make me obligated to the U.S. government, as is recognized by the 13th Amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude.

As no man has authority to bind or command another man to service, the 13th Amendment does not prohibit voluntary servitude. What the 13th does is prohibit involuntary servitude and proclaim and acknowledge the natural free condition of man at birth.

It must be acknowledged that citizenship is a condition of political servitude, again, this is not a complaint, merely an acknowledgment of self evident fact.

Because citizenship is a condition of servitude, in order for citizenship to be acquired, it must be entered into intentionally as the voluntary act of each person. Until a person grows to the age of accountability the person cannot volunteer into citizenship. A baby's mother has no ability to in any way place her baby into a condition of servitude (children are NOT property), therefore, there is no such thing as an "anchor baby".

Citizenship by birth is a fraud perpetrated by the government in order to fraudulently induce people, born free, to believe they were born into a condition of political servitude - known as "taxpayer".

The birth certificate plays a critical role in the perpetration of this fraud. No person can identify "their" birth certificate from their own knowledge.
Under Arkansas statutes, the "name" on the BC is assumed to have been abandoned by the parents and thereby owned by the state.

At the age of 16 the "properly" indoctrinated "child" presents "his" or "her" BC to the State and officially requests permission from the state to use the state owned "name" as the applicant’s "true legal name", the state agrees, issuing a state issued ID card (or driver license), and the applicant thereby becomes a licensed franchise of the State, very similar to a McDonald's franchise.

Thereafter, every  time  the franchise holder used the true legal name the franchise holder must do so in conformity to the rules set down in the codes of Arkansas, which the individual would not be obligated to do if he or she had not applied for such franchise license.

The franchise agreement is known as "citizenship".

Why don't they teach these details in the public government controlled schools?

Eric Williams, Yellville

]29-The United States is NOT a Nation!; ... ... ... ... Eric Williams New Blog ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 1/15/2012 - Printed 1/19/2012

The United States is NOT a Nation!; Eric Williams New Blog

We continually hear high ranking government officials and TV talking heads and radio talk show hosts refer to the United States using the word "Nation".

A Nation is a societal organization where there is one central government in charge of everything at every level of the society. This does not mean that a nation is a dictatorship - it could be but not necessarily.

In the U.S., in all official references, we find the official wording refers to a Federal status , not a National status. We have a Federal Bureau of Investigation NOT a National Bureau of Investigation.

The United States is a Federation of Fifty Independent Sovereign Nation States. Each of the Fifty states is a Sovereign Nation, because the State government has political dominion over everything political that happens in that state.

Each of those states is Sovereign and independent from each other and each of them have individually agreed to surrender certain limited authority to the Federal Government, and the Federal Government has no proper authority to interfere with the internal affairs of any of the states.

When the U.S. is referred to as a Nation such reference serves to undermine the Sovereign Independent status of each of the Several States. Over the years this has had the effect of causing the purported Sovereign States to be treated as though they were counties of a National government. This is one of the reasons we have so many Federal Socialistic agencies and programs in this "former"Federation.

And neither is the United States a Republic! Communist China, North Korea and Cuba are all republics, but further explanation of that will have to come later.

My New Blog:

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It must be clearly understood that my Blog is totally independent from the Mountaineer Echo and that the Editor and Publisher of the Mountaineer Echo have no responsibility for anything I write there or for the content of my letters published in this newspaper.
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Eric Williams, Yellville

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]28- Finally, 9/11 Truth Outed ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 1/5/2012 - Printed 1/12/2012

Finally, 9/11 Truth Outed

A few weeks ago I wrote asking why we couldn't get the truth about 9/11, well now we've got it, in SPADES!!! And, it is nothing of what most of us expected. There was no standard building controlled demolition, C-4 explosives, thermite demolition and certainly NOT the official government cover-up claim that the buildings were brought down by burning jet fuel.

One of my Talk Show listeners sent me links to two extensive interviews, one in England. the other Australia, of a marvelous woman, Dr. Judy Wood, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., who is undoubtedly the world's foremost expert in the physical properties of building materials and physical materials in general.

In these interviews Dr. Wood insisted the hosts concentrate on known scientific facts and not engage in premature speculations and conclusions, especially when such speculations and conclusions were based on what we think we know rather than on what we know we do not know. Dr. Wood insisted that the only proper way to determine how the buildings had been destroyed was by examining the evidence, NOT by trying to shoe-horn a conclusion based on our limited knowledge of how the structures might have been eliminated.

Unknown to most of us there was no huge pile of stacked up pan-caked floors of any of the seven buildings destroyed that day - that's right, there were seven buildings destroyed on 9/11.

Neither were there any steel beams shipped to China or any pool of molten steel under any of the destroyed buildings, as we had been deceitfully led to believe; neither have we ever been told there were approximately 1,400 vehicles destroyed that day, many of them several blocks distant from the WTC. Neither were we told that there were over a thousand building occupants that had in some manner been forced to exit through the upper floor windows of the buildings. I am not writing that they jumped because Dr. Wood postulates that the evidence does not indicate they left the buildings intentionally.

Neither were we told that there was very little solid physical debris and no bodies recovered, or that the observable factual evidence revealed that everything that was missing had been turned to dust, into a very fine powder, that continued its process of disappearing into nothing for several weeks, months and years.

Through scientific evaluation of the existing evidence Dr. Wood concluded that the buildings and contents, including  the bodies of the victims, had been "dustified", through some manner of molecular disassociation by some unknown form of Directed Free Energy Technology.

I encourage all readers to go to:


and click on the many links Dr, Wood has provided to her research material, and, to purchase her 540 page book "Where Did The Towers Go", I did, and I consider this book’s importance second only to my Bible!!!

I ask you, who could possibly have the technology to perpetrate this destruction and manage the cover-up other that our deceitful government?

Eric Williams, Yellville

]27- How To Eliminate All Taxation ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 12/22/2011 - Printed 1/5/2012

How To Eliminate All Taxation

Commerce is the means by which we transfer goods among ourselves. In order to enable such transfer between parties distant from one-another a convenient and un-corruptible medium is needed. How is it reasonable that this medium have an intrinsic value of its own?

Does this not constitute an unnecessary and wasteful expenditure of human energy? And would this not have a repressive effect on commerce if such intrinsic value medium were to be in short supply, perhaps, intentionally caused?

No one actually wants money, what they want is what they can get for the money. What is important in this is that the medium used be un-corruptible and universally recognized to facilitate exchanges between distant parties who never see or know each other; and that the cost of the medium itself be as low as possible. This last factor is certainly not met by either gold of silver.

It is well known that some Ron Paul supporters wanted to go back to gold backed money (including silver). That might sound good but a thoughtful examination will indicate that gold money is not a good idea in a refrigerated society.

Refrigeration of food causes mortgages on houses because it enables/causes/forces millions of families to live in Suburbia rather than on a family farm, where they would be required to live if it were not for the refrigeration of food. Traditionally, families acquired their farmland through homesteading, where money was not required, therefore, no mortgages, so gold could then function well as money, but would still be un- necessarily expensive.

Due to the nature of gold money, the lending of gold will always remain in private hands - the government of the United States  has  NEVER  ever  "issued"  gold  money  (whatever
"issued" might mean). The acquiring of gold takes considerable human effort - how could the government properly acquire gold to issue? Yes, the Government Mints create gold coins but only out of gold belonging to private individuals or entities who brought their raw ore to the Mint - none of that ore or the coins minted therefrom ever belonged to the government. The Mint charged a fee to cover minting costs but these fees were expended to pay the costs. So where would the government get gold, enabling the government to "issue" gold into circulation? And this also applies to gold backed paper money!

With privately owned lending of gold in a refrigerated society, with 70 to 80 million interest bearing mortgages funded with gold, where the borrowers used pre-existing gold to pay the interest on their loans, how long would it be before the private gold lenders became the owners of all of the gold in circulation? Then what would the borrowers use to make their mortgage payments? That is, how long would it be before the private gold lenders became the owners of everything and everyone?

On the other hand, using paper as money resolves all the issues mentioned above. It takes relatively little effort or cost, to produce the paper and print it into money. As I understand it, the cost of printing a Federal Reserve note of any denomination is less than one nickel.

The problem we are suffering under is not caused by using paper as money - the problem is in who owns the Federal Reserve, and in the Constitutional provision allowing Congress to borrow money on the credit of the United States! (This borrowing Clause must be repealed!)

Ron Paul’s plan to end the Fed is a very BAD idea. As I stated herein above, what is important in this is that the medium used be un-corruptible. How many times are we going to make the same mistake in regard to the design of a monetary system before we come to realize what we are doing is stupid?

What we need to do is Federalize the Fed, assign its oversight to the Legislatures of the Fifty States, NOT to Congress! And assign its ownership to the People of the United States, NOT to the government! Both the President and Congress have proven they cannot be trusted with this august responsibility!

With the normal jealousy existing between the states. it would be nearly impossible for a corruption of the People’s Central Bank to occur!

In considering this design it is important to understand who it is that actually carries the loan no matter whether the medium be paper or gold. It is well known that the Fed loans none of its own assets in a mortgage contract - so then, who is actually carrying the loan if not the bank? Well, who winds up respecting the FRNs as though the FRNs had actual value? Is it not clear that it is the people of the community? How long is it after a loan is activated that a portion of the funds of the loan are in the pocket of every individual in the community?

Is it not clear that the facilitating bank has no just or proper claim on the interest paid by the borrower? Who is it that should be receiving that interest? Is it not clear that it is the people of the community who are properly entitled to this interest? If this interest were credited to the treasury we could eliminate all taxation in the entire Federation!

Freedom cannot possibly exist where taxation is used to fund government!

Where taxation is used to fund government a police state has been created!

Eric Williams, Yellville

]26- New Law Enabling Internment of Citizens ... ... Presented 12/15/2011 - Printed 12/29/2011

New Law Enabling
Internment of Citizens

Congress has enacted a new law empowering Obama to intern any United States citizen he or his underlings decide are a threat to the United States and keep them interned indefinitely, without charges being filed or being accorded a court hearing or trial, and without notifying anyone that the U.S. citizen has been interned.

This law is titled: National Defense Authorization Act 2011(NDAA2011).

Many citizens are screaming that this is unconstitutional, a violation of the Bill of Rights, however they are all wrong. Such internment is allowed under the 14th Amendment, and I contend the 14th Amendment allows such internment even without the passage of this new law.  I contend the purpose of this passage is for Obama to openly and flagrantly test the susceptibility, the resistence, of U.S. citizens to such unconscionable internment.
To understand this we must understand that the status, citizen of the United States, is NOT equivalent to People of the United States.   By right of birth everyone lawfully born in the United States is part of the Sovereign People of the United States, as was established by the Rebels of and on July 4, 1776!

Such Sovereign People are reduced to become mere subservient citizens of the United States when they voluntarily apply for a franchise to use the name on "their" birth certificate (such name having become owned by the State, in Arkansas this State  ownership is enabled under Title 18/28/202), when such People have been led to believe they are merely applying for a driver license, whereupon the name becomes the applicant's "True Legal Name", and the applicant is reduced from being of the Sovereign People to be merely a subservient U.S. citizen and, under the 14th  Amendment, thereby voluntarily becoming subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, thereby no longer having any protection set forth in the Bill of Rights, but only has “civil rights” as determined by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, meaning - Tyrannical Obama!

The 13th Amendment protects the People of the United States who do NOT apply for a “True Legal Name” franchise, from being subjected to the subservient domination of the Federal Government.  The problem is most of the population has been fraudulently indoctrinated in government schools to strongly believe that U.S. citizenship is the highest status of Freedom.   When U.S. citizens strongly scream, they may be ignored as they have no political standing to demand to be heard, they only have physical power - that is why Obama had this new law passed - to test the willingness of the citizens to use their physical power, if they do, Obama will then have the excuse he needs to intern all who resist, both physically and intellectually.
If we are to secure our Freedom we must do so peacefully, by electing a Constitutionalist who has  a record of reducing government intrusion in our lives, such as is Texas Congressman Ron Paul, even though he is a Republican.

Eric Williams, Yellville

]25- Government Socialism ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 12/10/2011 - Printed 12/15/2011

Government Socialism

In Governor Beebe's Address last week he explained the dire straits of Arkansas's poor children and seniors in regard to getting sufficient food. Beebe stated that some mysterious "we" believed that they "could invest public and private funds wisely and make the most of the available resources to get the best value for [their] efforts."

There could not be anyone in Arkansas who could be any more concerned about the hunger of children and seniors than I, especially as I happen to be one of the latter.

In his address Beebe stated "No child, senior citizen, man, or woman deserves to go without food any day, not just holidays.". How does the word "deserve" play into this issue? However, more importantly, how does their "deserving" cause the government to be responsible for providing sustenance of any nature to anyone.

When I was in school sixty-five years ago we were taught how Congressman Davy Crockett was held in very low esteem by his Tennessee constituents because, Congressman Crockett had voted taxpayer funds to help victims of a huge home burning fire.

Crockett was subjected to substantial criticism for his vote - the people of Tennessee told Crockett that if they wanted to contribute to help the needful that they would do so themselves out  of  their  own  pockets, individually, not  through their elected public servants. Crockett was motivated to make a public apology, promising to never make such a vote again, and  was  thereupon re-elected.  During  his  second  term  a similar bill was introduced to give $10,000 to a military hero widow. The Bill was assured of easy passage until Crockett spoke against the government's authority to spend government money for such socialistic purpose, whereupon the Bill was defeated. During his argument Crockett had stated all the members had authority to contribute their own money; Crockett pledged one week of his Congressional remuneration. When the collection was counted the amount contributed from their own pockets amounted to one week of Crockett’s pay.

Likewise, there is no proper authority for Governor Beebe to take taxpayer money from one group and give it to another, no matter how needful or deserving they might be.

Our society has been consistently recognized as being the most giving that could be expected, that is why we have the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries and the hundreds of churches in Arkansas. It is NOT the duty or responsibility nor a  proper  use  of  the  authority of  Governor Beebe  to  use taxpayer funds forcefully extracted from the people of Arkansas, to finance such socialistic endeavors!

It is NOT socialistic for private entities and private individuals to voluntarily contribute to help the needful.

In his address Beebe calls upon the generosity and compassion of "our entire population", I totally agree, however I totally disagree that one cent of government money may be properly contributed to this effort. Every government in this Federation is in financial straits - partially because of improper socialistic expenditures such as this.

Eric Williams, Yellville

]24- Why Immigration Must Be Restricted ... ... ... ... Presented 11/23/2011 - Printed 12/1/2011

Why Immigration Must Be Restricted

Please take note that the title of this article does not include the word "illegal". This Federation was, of course, founded by a people well schooled in the English Common Law, which was included in the constitutions of many states as basic state law. There are, of course, some provisions of the English Common Law that pertain specifically to monarchies, which would not apply to the governments created here, but otherwise, the English Common Law established over many centuries by the commoners of England demanding they be treated on a more just manner by their government, would apply here.One of the most important provisions of the English Common Law was the trial by jury, which has been all but destroyed in this Federation because of votes cast by immigration legally allowed from countries not founded on the English Common Law.

The Federal Constitution's provision that the president must be a natural born citizen was for the purpose of insuring that the office of President would always be populated by an individual well schooled in English Common Law, which is clearly NOT the case with Barrack Hussein Obama.

Due to the influences of legal and illegal immigrant voters from countries not adhering to English Common Law, our entire society has been politically corrupted to the extent that even the Supreme Court makes references in its decisions to the laws or principles of foreign countries.

It is critically important to understand that all governments are artificial, imposed on the general population by those who want to dominate and fleece the common people, to live off of them and suck out their sustenance. These tyrants worm their way into positions of influence and create indoctrination systems that they convince the general population is good for them, they call it public education, and, of course, it is all free, the price is the freedom of the common people.

This is what the commoners of England had fought against in order to gradually establish the English Common Law. When people immigrate here from countries not well schooled in these principles and such immigrants are allowed to vote, they are influenced by the wannabe tyrants to vote for more and more socialistic programs that gradually bring us to where we are now, on the brink of the total loss of the freedom that we never were actually allowed to fully enjoy.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe has stated that he wants Arkansas to be the first state to fully embrace Obamacare, and this newspaper rums a long column by Governor Beebe every week where Beebe never mentions his fixation with Obama’s Socialism/Communism. It is clear that Beebe is not well schooled in the English Common Law!
Voting is a crime every time the outcome is purported to require the conformance of those who would otherwise object - such imposition is properly known as a police state!

A voter cannot delegate that which he or she does not possess.

Eric Williams, Yellville

]23- Why Can't We Get The Truth on 9-11? ... ... ... ... Presented 22/16/2011 - Printed 11/24/2011

Why  Can't  We  Get  The  Truth on  9-11?

During the earlier part of the Rusty Humphries show on Mountaintalk 97 on Wednesday, November 16, 2011, during which Humphries interviewed the author of a terrific book exposing how Congress members use their position to monetarily enrich themselves through insider trading and other monetary manipulations which are clearly a conflict of interest.

This author's comments and information was astounding, wherein he named names and the millions of dollars made by Congress members due to their inside knowledge in regard to how laws they were enacting would cause stock prices to fluctuate. During this interview Humphries comments helped present the author's terrific information, which made Humphries look like a very patriotic freedom loving conservative, however immediately thereafter, at about 10:20 PM, there was a caller into the Humphries show who said he had seen a bumper sticker that said that 9-11 was an inside job and below that sticker the caller said he also saw two more bumper stickers in support of Ron Paul for President, whereupon Humphries said that "9-11 was not an inside job", and the way Humphries presented this comment also served to ridicule Ron Paul.

Humphries then went on to say that the idea that 9-11 was an inside job was quite prevalent and widely talked about a few years ago, during which time Rosie O'Donnell had said that it was impossible for steel to be melted by fire, that such melting had never ever happened before, whereupon Humphries proceeded to ridicule Rosie O'Donnell and the idea that 9-11 was an inside job when Humphries said, "How does Rosie think they make steel?"

It would be clear to me that Rosie's statement was limited to the fact that steel had never ever before been melted by fire in a burning building - there was no possible way that Rosie could be so ill informed that she would not know that the manufacture of steel requires the melting of steel by fire. For Humphries to ridicule and twist Rosie's statement as he did is just another indication of how Humphries and all the rest of these totally phony CINO talk show hosts on Mountaintalk 97 use their position to mislead and lie to listeners, particularly, but not limited to, the incident of 9-11.

Any fair and unbiased examination of the 9-11 incident will indicate that it would be impossible for such event to have been perpetrated with out the full contrivance of the Executive branch of the Government of the United States. How about a reasonable explanation as to what caused building 7 to implode, when it was not claimed to have been hit by anything.

Eric Williams, Yellville

]22-Occupy Little Rock Mission Statement Offensive ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 10/20/2011 - Printed 10/27/2011

Occupy Little Rock Mission Statement offensive

I find the mission statement of Occupy Little Rock to be offensive in that it includes several Socialistic/Communistic tenants.

Although it is true that major corporations are improperly influencing politicians, they are able to do so because of four major defects in our Federal CONstitution:

(1) The provision allowing CONgress to borrow money on the credit of the United States should be totally eliminated and more importantly;

(2) The Preamble to the CONstitution should be amended to include a statement that the government created under this Constitution shall NEVER be construed to have the ability to exercise more authority than the authority Naturally imbued into any one single individual man or woman. This limitation shall be strictly and narrowly construed to limit the authority of CONgress!; and;

(3) That in recognition of Naturally inherent Individual Freedom, the outcome of voting shall never ever be construed to require the conformance of the otherwise unwilling, at any level of government, State or Federal. How many men voting, would it take to properly and democratically vote the panties off an unwilling woman? and;

(4) Taxation for any purpose what-so-ever would be a violation of the previous three provisions. Taxation (a euphemism for armed robbery) shall NEVER be used to fund any level of government of this Federation (State or Federal) - all four levels of government shall be funded through interest collected on loans extended to private sector borrowers by the People's Central Bank (created through the Federalization of the currently privately owned Federal Reserve System).

The first principle of Occupy Little Rock, although properly complaining about how mortgages are improperly foreclosed on by mortgage holders who cannot present wet ink signed mortgage contracts, this principle is none the less seriously defective because it fails to acknowledge (1) that the mortgagee has not paid for the house and (2) that it is the people of the community, as a whole, who comprise the actual entity that provides the funding for these foreclose on homes, NOT the "lending" bank.

When this wet ink signature ploy is used to enable a delinquent mortgagee to skate out of paying his mortgage contract and retain possession of the house, such borrower is cheating all his friends and neighbors in the community. The proper answer to this problem is to recognize that the so called lending banks have no proper authority to sell these mortgages (because the original "lending" banks do not own the mortgages except through fraud) and that all these mortgages are properly owned by the community where the houses are situated.

Delinquent mortgage holders should be given the opportunity to work out an affordable payment plan or move out of the house. A government oversight committee should be devised to facilitate the handling of all mortgage and all other community funded loan contracts located in their jurisdiction.

For more information on this please go to message # 285 on my Yahoo Group: And read the proposed 28th Amendment to the Federal Constitution presented there.

Eric Williams, Yellville

Thursday, January 12, 2012

]21- Special Report from Sister Ciara ... ...... ... [Sorcha Faal] ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 9/4/2011 - Not Printed - Too Long

Special Report from Sister Ciara [Sorcha Faal]

In the hundreds of reports I review each day on the most important events occurring in the world I couldn’t help be moved by the picture of a banner during the largest protest in Israeli history yesterday that simply read… “An entire generation wants a future.”

In reading these poignant words written from the depths of a soul being robbed of its future I became deeply saddened because the United States, the one nation in this world that should have been at the forefront of these massive protests sweeping the globe, continues to remain totally silent.

The continued silence of these Americans is even more shocking when one realizes that this is the weekend they celebrate their Labor Day Holiday (5 September) with nary a one of them even knowing that this day of memorial came into being because of the blood shed and lives lost due to a tyrannical government that forgot who they were really serving.

The year was 1894, the place Chicago, when thousands of peaceful protesters striking against the Pullman Palace Car Company, who cut their wages so more money could be put into the pockets of the elites, were violently attacked after President Grover Cleveland ordered over 12,000 US Marshalls and Army Troops to attack them killing 13 and wounding 57 more.

In what is now known as the Great Pullman Strike (the most violent in US history) the consciousness of America was shocked at the barbarity of their government backing the corporate and banking elite classes against the people they were supposed to be serving. Over 250,000 protesters in 27 States took to the streets in protest against their government’s tyranny causing the elites to retreat in terror lest they become the next victims at the hands of raging mobs.

In a quick appeasement to these workers, President Cleveland pushed through the US Congress the legislation to make Labor Day a national holiday 6 days after the strike ended, and it was passed unanimously.

Seven years later, in 1901, the American people were still on the verge of open revolt against the elite corporate chieftains and banksters when Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt  became  the  26th     United  States  President  upon  the assassination of President William McKinley by the avowed anarchist Leon Czolgosz.

Knowing how close his nation was to the abyss of revolution, one of President Roosevelt’s first acts as leader of the American people was to deliver a 20,000- word address to Congress asking it to curb the power of large corporations. Known as the peoples “trust buster” (corporations in those days were called trusts), Roosevelt brought America back from the brink of that revolutionary abyss by remembering that governments are there to serve their citizens, not the other way around, and that corporations or banks that become to large and powerful also have the power to destroy.

Fast forwarding to today, one cannot help but be saddened that the lives of those who were lost to keep America from going up in revolutionary flames have not only been forgotten, they are despised by a generation walking down the same path to oblivion those once great hero’s of yesterday warned them not to take.

And to see how grotesquely distorted America has become one only need look at the reports from the Obama regime that are now openly referring to these once free people as nothing more than a pieces of the new “federal family.”

To understand the reason America has fallen so far in barely a century, one need only understand, that since their founding, these people have always known that their press establishment is nothing more than the bought and paid for mouthpieces for a corporate-banking-political establishment intent upon total domination and subjugation of everyone who stands in their way.

America wouldn’t even have become a nation if it wasn’t for the great Founding Father Thomas Paine striking out against the “mainstream” press of his time with the publication of his pamphlet Common Sense that united the people of the then British Colonies in open revolt leading to the founding of the United States.

The Great Pullman Strike massacre, likewise, wouldn’t have been known about by the American people if not for the efforts of The American Railway Union (ARU), the largest labor union of its time, who printed millions of leaflets and distributed them all across the nation telling the American people the truth of what was happening because no “mainstream” newspaper in the entire United States (all owned by the corporations) would it to be told.

“As much as things change they also stay the same,” the old saying goes, and in today’s America this has become so apparent it is truly frightful to behold….with one major difference…and unlike nearly the entire world’s population today…these people have all but ceased caring and really believe that their silence is going to protect them.

The atrocities committed by, and upon, the American people today are beyond astounding to the point where one cannot help but shudder in sorrow at how far these once great people have fallen.

And the reason they have fallen so far is simple to understand, unlike every single generation that has gone before them, the American people of today have become total and complete sycophants [self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite] to their corporate-political-banking “mainstream” propaganda media structure that serves them nothing more than half-truths, at best, and lies, at the worst.

Even worse, the American people of today, and unlike every single generation that has gone before them, have ceased listening to the modern day Thomas Paine’s and American Railway Union equivalents continuing to warn them about the greater dangers to come.

And the reason they have stopped listening is as incompressible to understand as it is dangerous….they actually believe and act upon everything the “mainstream” propaganda tells them to…even when they know they are being lied to and deceived!

Nothing illustrates this more than the news this past week that the US banking giant Goldman Sachs (who was given untold billions of American taxpayer money) had released a secret 54-page report [authored by Goldman strategist Alan Brazil] to a few of its largest investors warning the entire global economic system is on the verge of total collapse.

Goldman Sachs, who not only paid to put President Obama in office, and surrounded him with nearly all of his “advisors,” has done more than any other corporation in history to destroy America…but, according to their CEO Lloyd Blankfein, they are doing “God’s Work.”

Another shocking example is this past weeks landmark announcement from CERN that the “Cloud Experiment” conducted under the leadership of Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark has proven conclusively that cosmic rays from our Sun are solely to blame for Global Warming and Climate Change, and not anything that humans have done, or even could do in the future.

But in the bizarre world that passes for American logic these critical stories won’t be known to these people, not because there aren’t organizations like ours to tell them the truth, NO!, rather that they have been “trained” like obedient pets not to listen to us.

According to this distorted American logic, if it was used by their forbearers, the United States would never have been founded because the “mainstream” British press would have told them they’d be wasting their money if they bought Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet. Likewise, they would never have known about the Great Pullman Strike massacre because the “mainstream” press told them not to buy the American Railway Union’s newsletter that told them the truth.

And so today, as the world continues to burn down around them, these American people continue to live their lives in desperate silence falsely believing that by ignoring the truth they will somehow be saved from the greater horrors to come. After all, it is easier to ridicule and ignore the truth when the “mainstream” media tells you it’s ok to do so….but when do you start asking yourself why?

Now I’m here to tell you that just because you believe a lie it doesn’t make it true…and if in hearing a warning you fail to heed it you have only yourself to blame for the consequences.
Unlike you, however, we have gone through more wars than you can ever imagine, and the main weapon we have always wielded is the same one we’re using now…Truth, Knowledge and Information, none of which any war can be fought or won without.

Unfortunately, though, and unlike our enemies, we have no corporate-banking- political-public taxpayer funds to keep us operating….but neither did Thomas Paine, or the American Railway Union, and too many other such people and organizations to mention.

The difference between the past and now is not that there aren’t those like us who continue to fight these monsters, but rather that the people who once helped keep truth alive have nearly all gone silent.

Are you one of these people? If you are than its time you started choosing a side in this war, your ignorance and silence is no longer an option.

And the very least you can do, like every one of your ancestors both knew and acted upon, is to help those of us on the front lines protecting truth and freedom. Remember, we’re here putting ourselves in danger everyday for your benefit, certainly not for ours!

Our servers have been so decimated by continued attacks by those governments fearful of what we say (or rather you listening) that for the first time in nearly10 years we have to totally shut down for critical repairs and replacement. This outage will last for about 24 hours and cost us everything in our operating budgets for the next 2 months.

The only ability we have to survive is your kindness and generosity, and if the vast majority of you learned the simple lesson that people all over this world have always know that “there is safety in numbers” you’d realize that we’re not asking a lot. As we always say, and it’s the simple truth…if EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU reading this today gave just $20.00 our operating budget for the entire year would be met!

That amounts to just Five US Cents a day…and if the truth isn’t worth that amount to you than I’d venture to say (as we always do) that nothing is.

With God, Sister Ciara

]20- 9/11 Tenth Anniversary ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented But Not printed

9/11 Tenth Anniversary

Here we are at the 10th  Anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon - and we still are not being told the truth about who masterminded and perpetrated this horror, but of one thing we may be certain - it was NOT a bunch of rag-headed box-cutter wielding foreign terrorists!

So, then, who was it? As I was not a part of it there is no way I can possibly know with any certainty who it was - but there is no doubt in my mind that the government of the United States, at the highest level, had to be deeply involved.

The observable evidence indicates there were no air-liners involved in the destruction of any of the four structures destroyed that day - the most convincing evidence being that there was no airplane wreckage on the ground.

The Twin Towers had been designed and built to withstand exactly such an incident as is purported to have occurred that day. If either of the Twin Towers had been hit by an airliner the vast majority of the plane wreckage would have bounced off and hit the ground - yet, there was none.

Due to the hit on the first tower the eyes of the world were on the second when it erupted - there were untold professional news cameras trained on that tower when it exploded - none of them recorded an airplane strike - the only airplane observed striking that tower was later, in the TV re-run news coverage, where it has been determined that the airliner depicted was a computer graphic overlay.

How could it be that within 30 minutes of the strike on the Pentagon the FBI was visiting a service station near the Pentagon whose surveillance cameras were aimed to inadvertently record the strike on the Pentagon, to confiscate the video tape of that event? And why have the contents of that tape never been revealed - due to National Security? Is there any doubt that whomever perpetrated that event is well aware of it - so where is there any reasonable National Security issue?

And why did the Federal Government pay out millions of dollars to the families of the victims murdered in the Towers? Not that these people did not need financial help - but where did the Federal Government incur an obligation to pay them and why were they all required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of their buy-out? And why has a list of the victims never been published?

Eric Williams, Yellville

]19- Everyone Has The Solution ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented8/14/2011 Printed 9/1/2011

Everyone Has The Solution

How Can "Everyone" Be  So Right And Yet So Wrong? Everyone is seriously concerned about everything - there are so many serious problems within this society that it is impossible to determine which one needs to be fixed first - and "everyone" has the same solution - we need less government, lower taxes, and a return to the Republican Principles that the Founding Fathers designed into the Constitution.

"Everyone" seems to agree that in order to resolve all these problems that we need to restore the Christian, Biblical principles that this country was founded on. We constantly hear speeches quoting George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

"Everything" "everyone" is saying sounds so very right - it sounds very much like the same things I have been hearing all my 77 years - so why does it not happen? Why does it not work? With all of these wonderful words what have we been doing that is so consistently wrong?

I constantly hear speeches addressing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, public schools, and many other similar issues, among which are whether taxes should be raised or lowered.

"Everyone" arguing the pros and cons but no one asking the one most significant question - everyone seeming to presume that the most important question is totally irrelevant - the most important question being a determination of the source of the authority for the government’s imposition of any of these programs.

I expect that most people will immediately presume that the authority is determined by the vote of the majority of either the voters or the members of the legislatures, however this is most certainly NOT the proper answer.
I have no Natural authority to command another and no other individual has any Natural authority to command anyone, so how could it be reasonable for voters who have no individual authority to vote to combine their non-existing authority, in order to enable them to command those who would otherwise disagree?

Prior to the creation of the United States Freedom of the common man had never existed anywhere in the recorded history of man. The creation of the United States seriously upset the aristocrat class in all Europe. They hate the United States and have been working to destroy it from the beginning.

The enemies of Freedom have now infiltrated the Presidency as Obama, by his actions, has clearly indicated he has no use for or appreciation of Freedom of the common man.

Until we understand that the government of a truly Free people cannot reasonably be imbued with any more authority than the  authority Naturally imbued into  any  one  single individual man or woman, we will never correct any of these problems and we will never enjoy true Freedom!

True Freedom cannot exist where taxation is imposed; where voting is used to command obedience; and where the government has control of the education of the children.

As you do not have the authority yourself, how then can you create a government and imbue it with such authority?

Eric Williams, Yellville

]18-Where Does The Authority of Government Come From? ... ... Presented 8/7/2011 Printed 9/8/2011

Where Does The Authority of Government Come From?

This is a very serious question that no one seems to consider even as their lives are increasingly micro-managed by an artificial entity that does not exist in Nature.  

Governments are created by men who individually have no Natural authority to command anyone to submit themselves to obey their individual command - so how can it possibly be reasonable for such impotent men to imbue their artificial entity with more authority than they themselves are Naturally imbued with?

Many people will respond, explaining that the additional authority is enabled through the voting process, but this raises the same question - how can it be reasonable for voters who have no individual Naturally imbued authority to command anyone to submit themselves to obey them, create such authority simply by their agreement that such authority is, in their collective opinion, "for the good of everyone"?

How many men voting, would it take to properly and democratically vote the panties off an unwilling woman? - For the good, they claim, of the emotional well being of the men voting?

What about the emotional well being of the woman in the minority? How can it be reasonable that the claim of the men to service their emotional well being supersedes the well being of the woman?

Additionally, the very important question raised by the foregoing is, "Where does the authority come from that enables the majority to dictate to the minority?"

How can any society where such voting is utilized possibly claim to be a society where freedom prevails? But then we hear the United States commonly referred to as being the "freest" country - The use of the word "freest" is a clear admission that the United States is not totally free -

Who gets to decide the degree of freedom that will be or will not be allowed? If each individual man or woman is not totally free - then how is anyone properly classified as being free? How can anyone be partially free? How can Freedom be minced into partitions?

Who gets to decide which aspect of Freedom is to be curtailed? Where does the authority come from that enables those that do the deciding to do the deciding?

Sounds like a police state to me.

The government of a Free people cannot possibly be imbued with any more authority than the authority Naturally imbued into any one single individual man or woman!

Until this is understood True Freedom will never exist among mankind! Freedom certainly does NOT exist in the United States, and never has!

Think about it!

Eric Williams, Yellville

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

]17-Who Ruined America? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Presented ?/?/2011 - Not Printed

Who Ruined America?
If you are a citizen of the United States and you want to know who ruined America, I suggest you take a good look in the mirror - because it was YOU!

At this time everyone is clamoring for lower taxes and less government. The Congress has cancelled its 4th of July recess in order to work out a bipartisan budget which seems to be hopelessly deadlocked.

Although everyone wants to reduce government spending everyone wants to do so by cutting the other guys government paid mandates, but not their own. 

The most expensive government paid programs are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the military. It is difficult to cut any of these programs because the citizens receiving the first three items are literally living on those mandates although Medicare and Medicaid are not the most expensive They are  none the less very expensive and both are programs where the cost is most easily diminished, if not altogether eliminated - how to do that?
Make all the sick people well - sound impossible? I would have agreed a few weeks ago but then one of the listeners to my talk show sent me a link to a video about the curative powers of Hemp Oil. It is truly amazing!

A Canadian, Rick Simpson, discovered the curative ability of Hemp Oil. In 2003 Rick began making Hemp Oil and giving it away to everyone who asked. Cancer patients who were on their death bed ingested Hemp Oil and within 2 or 3 months their cancer was totally gone. And, not only cancer, the Hemp Oil cured every disease it was applied against.
There are 30 to 40 individuals on this video telling about how they were cured with Hemp Oil. The news was spreading fast in Nova Scotia and many new patients were being cured - until the medical profession and Big Pharma heard about what Rick was doing - that caused the Canadian authorities to shut down Rick Simpson's free distribution of Hemp Oil.
All we have to do here in America is make our own Hemp Oil.  Rick explains how to do it in his video - it is fairly simple - anyone could make their own is a few hours - enough to cure whatever might be ailing them.

My glacoma eye drops cost me more than $200.00 a month at Wal-Mart - Hemp Oil is virtually free.
Go watch Rick's video yourself:


Or Google for Rick Simpson.

So, how are you guilty? You have allowed yourself to be indoctrinated to believe Hemp plants are evil and must not be grown because they contain THC, an ingredient of marijuana.

Hemp Oil made from Hemp plants does not cause patients to become high from the THC in the Hemp Oil.

The War on Drugs is a total failure and should be cancelled . Its true purpose is to protect the huge profits of the medical profession and Big Pharma. We don’t need Obama’s very expensive health plan - we need to get everyone well with the very inexpensive Hemp Oil - which we can make ourselves if the government would remove the restrictions on growing Hemp plants.

We can greatly reduce government spending by eliminating the failed War on drugs and using Hemp Oil to cure everyone’s sicknesses.

Hemp Oil is NOT POT!

Eric Williams, Yellville

Friday, January 6, 2012

]16-Cancer Cure Reduces Gov. Costs ... ... ... ... ... ... Hemp Oil is NOT Pot ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 7/2/2011 - Printed 8/11/2011

Curing Cancer Can Reduce Government Spending - Hemp Oil is NOT POT!

At this time everyone is clamoring for lower taxes and less government in order to save the economy. The Congress has cancelled its 4th of July recess in order to work out a bipartisan budget which seems to be hopelessly deadlocked.
There are 30 to 40 individuals on this video telling about how they were cured with Hemp Oil. The news was spreading fast in Nova Scotia and many new patients were being cured - until the medical profession and Big Pharma heard about what Rick was doing - that caused the Canadian authorities to shut down Rick Simpson's free distribution of Hemp Oil.

Or Google for Rick Simpson.

We have all been indoctrinated to believe Hemp plants are evil and must not be grown because they contain THC, an ingredient of marijuana.

Hemp Oil made from Hemp plants does not cause patients to become high from the THC in the Hemp Oil.

The War on Drugs is a total fraud and failure and should be cancelled . Its true purpose is to protect the huge profits of the medical profession and Big Pharma. We don’t need Obama’s very expensive and repressive health plan - we need to get everyone well with the very inexpensive Hemp Oil - which we could make ourselves, if the government would remove the restrictions on growing Hemp plants.

We can greatly reduce government spending on health care by eliminating the failed War on Drugs and using Hemp Oil to cure everyone’s sicknesses.

Hemp Oil is NOT POT!

Eric Williams, Yellville

My glaucoma eye drops cost me $200.00 a month at Wal-Mart - Hemp Oil is virtually free.

Go watch the video yourself :

All we have to do here in America is make our own Hemp Oil - in his video Rick explains how to do it - it is fairly simple - anyone could make their own is a few hours - enough to cure whatever might be ailing them.
Make all the sick people well - sound impossible? I would have agreed a few weeks ago but then one of the listeners to my talk show sent me a link to a video about the curative powers of Hemp Oil. It is truly amazing!

A Canadian, Rick Simpson, discovered the curative ability of Hemp Oil. In 2003 Rick began making Hemp Oil and giving it away free to everyo ne who asked.

Cancer patients who were on their death bed ingested tiny amounts of Hemp Oil each day and within 2 or 3 months their cancer was totally gone. And, not only cancer, the Hemp Oil cured every disease it was applied against.
Although everyone wants to reduce government spending everyone wants to do so by cutting the other guys government paid mandate, but not their own. The most expensive government paid programs are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the military. It is difficult to cut any of these programs because the citizens receiving the first three items are literally living on those mandates although Medicare and Medicaid are not the most expensive They are none the less very expensive and both are programs where at least the medical costs are easily diminished, and ossibly
even totally eliminated - how to do that?

]15-You Do Not Own Your Name ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 3/20/2011 Printed 4/28/2011

You Do Not Own Your Name!

That's right, and there is no such thing as citizenship by birth, and when youapply for your first driver license you are not initially applying for what you have all of your life been led to believe you are applying!

It is all a scam, a work around the government has devised to circumvent the Thirteenth Amendment's, and Section 27 of Article 2 of the Arkansas Constitution's prohibition of Involuntary Servitude.

It is all tied up in the issue of who it is that owns your name, not who owns you, but who it is that owns your name, and it AIN'T you!

Face it, you were born with arms and legs, fingers and toes. All the parts of your body belong to you, but Nature did NOT provide you with a name and "your" name does not belong to you!

"Your" name originally belonged to whomever created it, most probably your parents. However, if your parents did not overtly and properly legally register their ownership of that name then they lose such ownership to the State of Arkansas, under Arkansas Code, Title 18, Chapter 28, Section 202.

Everyone is born politically free and politically independent, this is a condition of Nature. It is self evident that citizenship is a condition of political servitude so, in order for a free born individual to become a citizen that free born individual must be induced to volunteer into a condition of political servitude.

This is accomplished by the State's requirement that all children attend government indoctrination centers euphemistically knoen as public schools, where the impressionable children are indoctrinated to believe they became citizens by birth. This is an outright lie, it is impossible to become subservient to an artificial entity by birth!

The schools fraudulently teach you that you became a citizen by birth, and your parents, having likewise been indoctrinated, reinforce that fraud. When you become sixteen years old you do as you have been indoctrinated to do, you present "your" birth certificate to the Arkansas Revenue office, believing that all you are doing is applying for a driver license but this is a lie! The State has no authority to require you to do anything, and I mean anything, until you volunteer! The State is an artificial entity created by men and such men cannot reasonably imbue their artificial creation with any more authority than that held by any one of those men.

The only way the State can require you to do anything is by your voluntary act as an adult. Your parents have no ability to sign you up for anything. You are their child, not their property! The State has become the owner of "your" name but that name has no legal attachment to you until YOU attach to it as an adult!

There in no information on a birth certificate that can connect that document to any specific individual. The State cannot require you to have a driver license or pay any manner of taxation until you first voluntarily enter into a subservient relationship with the State. You do that when you hand "your" birth certificate over to the Revenue Office clerk.

What you are first doing is applying to the state to be issued a "true legal name", being the name entered on the birth certificate, that became owned by the state five years after it was recorded, under Title 18, 28, 202.

Eric Williams, Yellville

]14-Gold Isn't The Answer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 2/20/2011- Printed 3/10/2011

Why Gold and Silver Will NOT Work Well As Money

Due to the fact that gold and silver are provided by nature, when such metals are used as money the lending of such money will always be under private ownership. This worked quite well when the Constitution was adopted because at that time there was no refrigeration of food because electricity had not yet been tamed. With no refrigeration there was no long distance shipping of food and the vast majority of the population was required to grow their own food on farmland acquired through homestead.

Additionally, at that time the population was relatively small and families could acquire farmland simply by claiming desirable land and filing a homestead claim. There was no need to borrow money and/or take out an interest bearing mortgage.

With the advent of electricity corporate farming developed and millions of small farmers opted to move to cities where they found employment working in factories building automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators and all the other appliances and gadgets enabled by the taming of electricity.

It is important to understand that the suburban areas of cities are comprised of subdivided parcels of land usually about 60' wide by 100'deep, where commercial developers built thousands of homes to sell to these former farmers and others who have moved to the cities. These newcomers to the cities did not have cash to purchase these commercially built homes so, in order to purchase such homes it was necessary for them to borrow the needed money from privately owned banks and other private lenders.

These loans were always extended on the basis of an interest bearing mortgage.  The lenders only provided the amount of money to needed to pay the sale price of the house (known as the "principle") but the borrowers on the common 30 year mortgage contract were required to pay approximately three times the amount borrowed. If the purchase price was $100,000.00 gold dollars then the amount provided by the gold lender would be approximately $100,000.00 gold dollars, but the total paid to the gold lender by the borrower over the thirty year contract would be approximately $300,000.00 gold dollars. Where would the additional $200,000.00 gold dollars come from?

The only possible source such borrowers would have would be other gold dollars brought into circulation by other means than borrowing. There is no doubt that there would be hundreds of millions of other gold dollars in circulation that would have NOT arrived in circulation because such dollars had been borrowed from any gold lender and all these additional gold dollars would be available in circulation enabling mortgage borrowers to pay triple the amount they had borrowed.

As the borrowers used the extra circulating gold to pay the interest on their mortgage loans how long do you think it would be before all the extra gold used by the borrowers to pay the interest on their mortgages became owned by the private gold lenders, then what would the borrowers use to pay the interest on their mortgage loans?

How long would it be before the private gold lenders became the owners of all the gold, then, through foreclosure, they also became the owners of all the houses and everything and everybody?

Gold and silver will not work well as money in a society where there is refrigeration of food!

Read my essay explaining who it is that actually funds all loans, no matter if the money lent and borrowed is paper or gold and silver coin. The lender is NOT who you have been led to believe it is! There is no need. justification or proper authority  for any manner of taxation.

Eric Williams, Yellville