Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8-Are A Taxed People truly Free? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 12/6/2009 - Printed But When Unknown

Are A Taxed People Truly Free?

All reasonable people will acknowledge the need for government and that governments are very expensive and that the money must come from the people governed, but why taxation? How can a people honestly call themselves free, and teach their children that they too are free, when the government they created to protect their freedom funds itself through armed robbery?

The first question is, "Where does government authority come from in the first place?"

The second question is, "How can voters imbue government with more authority than the authority naturally held by one individual voter?" Power certainly does increase with numbers; but NOT authority!

Could a group of 100 robbers legitimize or legalize their armed robbery of Home Depot by voting themselves the authority? No? Well, then how can a group of robbers designate themselves as "government" and then "properly" legitimize or legalize their robbery of me by "voting" to "require" me to pay property taxes; and then, if I don’t pay, then these same robbers (or their "representatives") vote to forcibly evict me from my property, then sell my property to one of themselves and keep the money? How can it be reasonably proper for such robbers (voters) to elect "representatives" who presume to have proper authority to rob me by enacting statutes requiring me to register my farm or other equipment with them and then pay them a tax in order for me to keep equipment I purchased with my own money? And, if I don’t pay the tax the "government" will use its gun to forcibly "legally" steal my property.

How is such a government any different than any common ordinary gang of street thugs? It seems to me that a free people should be able to devise a way to fund government without resorting to a total destruction of their freedom by disguising armed robbery with euphemistically acceptable terms such as "voting, government, representatives, majority rule, the good of everyone".  How is "everyone" better off when any single individual is robbed by the group?

Under our current money system all money (every single dollar in circulation) was created by the bank through loan applications. The money is created by the signatures of the borrowers. The banks do not actually loan any of their own money. In truth, the money "borrowed" to fund a home mortgage is not what is actually borrowed. The item actually borrowed is the house. The borrower does not want the money, he wants the house. The money "borrowed" is actually nothing more than a large quantity of IOUs guaranteed by the borrower. That is, the borrower has promised to work in the future to earn the value of the house he borrowed. The actual lender is not the bank, the actual lender is the entire community that accepts and circulates the money (IOUs) used by the borrower each month to pay for the house.

It is the community that has taken the risk and so the community should receive the interest paid by the borrower. This interest would be more money than all the money collected through armed robbery known as taxation. The interest paid is voluntarily agreed to by the borrower; there is no coercion involved, only the exercise of freedom!

Eric Williams, Yellville

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