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]27- How To Eliminate All Taxation ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 12/22/2011 - Printed 1/5/2012

How To Eliminate All Taxation

Commerce is the means by which we transfer goods among ourselves. In order to enable such transfer between parties distant from one-another a convenient and un-corruptible medium is needed. How is it reasonable that this medium have an intrinsic value of its own?

Does this not constitute an unnecessary and wasteful expenditure of human energy? And would this not have a repressive effect on commerce if such intrinsic value medium were to be in short supply, perhaps, intentionally caused?

No one actually wants money, what they want is what they can get for the money. What is important in this is that the medium used be un-corruptible and universally recognized to facilitate exchanges between distant parties who never see or know each other; and that the cost of the medium itself be as low as possible. This last factor is certainly not met by either gold of silver.

It is well known that some Ron Paul supporters wanted to go back to gold backed money (including silver). That might sound good but a thoughtful examination will indicate that gold money is not a good idea in a refrigerated society.

Refrigeration of food causes mortgages on houses because it enables/causes/forces millions of families to live in Suburbia rather than on a family farm, where they would be required to live if it were not for the refrigeration of food. Traditionally, families acquired their farmland through homesteading, where money was not required, therefore, no mortgages, so gold could then function well as money, but would still be un- necessarily expensive.

Due to the nature of gold money, the lending of gold will always remain in private hands - the government of the United States  has  NEVER  ever  "issued"  gold  money  (whatever
"issued" might mean). The acquiring of gold takes considerable human effort - how could the government properly acquire gold to issue? Yes, the Government Mints create gold coins but only out of gold belonging to private individuals or entities who brought their raw ore to the Mint - none of that ore or the coins minted therefrom ever belonged to the government. The Mint charged a fee to cover minting costs but these fees were expended to pay the costs. So where would the government get gold, enabling the government to "issue" gold into circulation? And this also applies to gold backed paper money!

With privately owned lending of gold in a refrigerated society, with 70 to 80 million interest bearing mortgages funded with gold, where the borrowers used pre-existing gold to pay the interest on their loans, how long would it be before the private gold lenders became the owners of all of the gold in circulation? Then what would the borrowers use to make their mortgage payments? That is, how long would it be before the private gold lenders became the owners of everything and everyone?

On the other hand, using paper as money resolves all the issues mentioned above. It takes relatively little effort or cost, to produce the paper and print it into money. As I understand it, the cost of printing a Federal Reserve note of any denomination is less than one nickel.

The problem we are suffering under is not caused by using paper as money - the problem is in who owns the Federal Reserve, and in the Constitutional provision allowing Congress to borrow money on the credit of the United States! (This borrowing Clause must be repealed!)

Ron Paul’s plan to end the Fed is a very BAD idea. As I stated herein above, what is important in this is that the medium used be un-corruptible. How many times are we going to make the same mistake in regard to the design of a monetary system before we come to realize what we are doing is stupid?

What we need to do is Federalize the Fed, assign its oversight to the Legislatures of the Fifty States, NOT to Congress! And assign its ownership to the People of the United States, NOT to the government! Both the President and Congress have proven they cannot be trusted with this august responsibility!

With the normal jealousy existing between the states. it would be nearly impossible for a corruption of the People’s Central Bank to occur!

In considering this design it is important to understand who it is that actually carries the loan no matter whether the medium be paper or gold. It is well known that the Fed loans none of its own assets in a mortgage contract - so then, who is actually carrying the loan if not the bank? Well, who winds up respecting the FRNs as though the FRNs had actual value? Is it not clear that it is the people of the community? How long is it after a loan is activated that a portion of the funds of the loan are in the pocket of every individual in the community?

Is it not clear that the facilitating bank has no just or proper claim on the interest paid by the borrower? Who is it that should be receiving that interest? Is it not clear that it is the people of the community who are properly entitled to this interest? If this interest were credited to the treasury we could eliminate all taxation in the entire Federation!

Freedom cannot possibly exist where taxation is used to fund government!

Where taxation is used to fund government a police state has been created!

Eric Williams, Yellville

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