Friday, January 13, 2012

]24- Why Immigration Must Be Restricted ... ... ... ... Presented 11/23/2011 - Printed 12/1/2011

Why Immigration Must Be Restricted

Please take note that the title of this article does not include the word "illegal". This Federation was, of course, founded by a people well schooled in the English Common Law, which was included in the constitutions of many states as basic state law. There are, of course, some provisions of the English Common Law that pertain specifically to monarchies, which would not apply to the governments created here, but otherwise, the English Common Law established over many centuries by the commoners of England demanding they be treated on a more just manner by their government, would apply here.One of the most important provisions of the English Common Law was the trial by jury, which has been all but destroyed in this Federation because of votes cast by immigration legally allowed from countries not founded on the English Common Law.

The Federal Constitution's provision that the president must be a natural born citizen was for the purpose of insuring that the office of President would always be populated by an individual well schooled in English Common Law, which is clearly NOT the case with Barrack Hussein Obama.

Due to the influences of legal and illegal immigrant voters from countries not adhering to English Common Law, our entire society has been politically corrupted to the extent that even the Supreme Court makes references in its decisions to the laws or principles of foreign countries.

It is critically important to understand that all governments are artificial, imposed on the general population by those who want to dominate and fleece the common people, to live off of them and suck out their sustenance. These tyrants worm their way into positions of influence and create indoctrination systems that they convince the general population is good for them, they call it public education, and, of course, it is all free, the price is the freedom of the common people.

This is what the commoners of England had fought against in order to gradually establish the English Common Law. When people immigrate here from countries not well schooled in these principles and such immigrants are allowed to vote, they are influenced by the wannabe tyrants to vote for more and more socialistic programs that gradually bring us to where we are now, on the brink of the total loss of the freedom that we never were actually allowed to fully enjoy.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe has stated that he wants Arkansas to be the first state to fully embrace Obamacare, and this newspaper rums a long column by Governor Beebe every week where Beebe never mentions his fixation with Obama’s Socialism/Communism. It is clear that Beebe is not well schooled in the English Common Law!
Voting is a crime every time the outcome is purported to require the conformance of those who would otherwise object - such imposition is properly known as a police state!

A voter cannot delegate that which he or she does not possess.

Eric Williams, Yellville

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