Thursday, January 12, 2012

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9/11 Tenth Anniversary

Here we are at the 10th  Anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon - and we still are not being told the truth about who masterminded and perpetrated this horror, but of one thing we may be certain - it was NOT a bunch of rag-headed box-cutter wielding foreign terrorists!

So, then, who was it? As I was not a part of it there is no way I can possibly know with any certainty who it was - but there is no doubt in my mind that the government of the United States, at the highest level, had to be deeply involved.

The observable evidence indicates there were no air-liners involved in the destruction of any of the four structures destroyed that day - the most convincing evidence being that there was no airplane wreckage on the ground.

The Twin Towers had been designed and built to withstand exactly such an incident as is purported to have occurred that day. If either of the Twin Towers had been hit by an airliner the vast majority of the plane wreckage would have bounced off and hit the ground - yet, there was none.

Due to the hit on the first tower the eyes of the world were on the second when it erupted - there were untold professional news cameras trained on that tower when it exploded - none of them recorded an airplane strike - the only airplane observed striking that tower was later, in the TV re-run news coverage, where it has been determined that the airliner depicted was a computer graphic overlay.

How could it be that within 30 minutes of the strike on the Pentagon the FBI was visiting a service station near the Pentagon whose surveillance cameras were aimed to inadvertently record the strike on the Pentagon, to confiscate the video tape of that event? And why have the contents of that tape never been revealed - due to National Security? Is there any doubt that whomever perpetrated that event is well aware of it - so where is there any reasonable National Security issue?

And why did the Federal Government pay out millions of dollars to the families of the victims murdered in the Towers? Not that these people did not need financial help - but where did the Federal Government incur an obligation to pay them and why were they all required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of their buy-out? And why has a list of the victims never been published?

Eric Williams, Yellville

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