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]11-No Citizenship By Birth ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented8/28/2010 - Not Printed


Citizenship is obviously an obligation to a political authority. Those who are citizens of the United States have good reason to be proud of their citizenship status but such status no matter how blessed, was not acquired by birth, as such is actually impossible which is acknowledged by the prohibition of involuntary servitude provisions of both the US Constitution and the Constitution of Arkansas.

In order for a person born in the United States to become a citizen the person must first grow to be an adult because children are not recognized as having the maturity to enter into contracts, and citizenship is a contract as is clearly understood when naturalization is considered. When persons born in the US have matured sufficiently to contract the persons may then voluntarily claim to be US citizens, but this must be done in a formal application where such citizenship is registered.

When applicants for driver licenses present their birth certificates during the driver license application process each applicants is officially applying to use the name on the birth certificate as their "true legal name" as a US citizen.

The name on the birth certificate became owned by the state under Arkansas Title 18-28-202 (all states have similar laws). An inherent aspect of the DL issuing process is the application and issuance of a franchise to use that government owned name and constitutes an agreement to comply with all rules established by the government for the use of that government owned name, as established in the "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" clause of the 14th Amendment.

When we are born we have no naturally imbued citizenship status. If we did not officially volunteer into citizenship by applying for a driver license then we would not could not be officially designated as being a citizen of the United States and, in that event, we could claim to be of the People of the United States, for whom the Constitution was ordained and established, as written by the Founding Fathers in the Preamble.

The 14th Amendment defines US citizenship. It is the 14th   Amendment that requires citizens of the United States to pay income tax, the People of the United States are exempt.

People of the Umited States and citizen of the United States are not the same!

There is no such thing as "anchor babies",  such designation is a fraud.

Eric Williams, Yellville

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