Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Everyone Has The Solution

How Can "Everyone" Be  So Right And Yet So Wrong? Everyone is seriously concerned about everything - there are so many serious problems within this society that it is impossible to determine which one needs to be fixed first - and "everyone" has the same solution - we need less government, lower taxes, and a return to the Republican Principles that the Founding Fathers designed into the Constitution.

"Everyone" seems to agree that in order to resolve all these problems that we need to restore the Christian, Biblical principles that this country was founded on. We constantly hear speeches quoting George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

"Everything" "everyone" is saying sounds so very right - it sounds very much like the same things I have been hearing all my 77 years - so why does it not happen? Why does it not work? With all of these wonderful words what have we been doing that is so consistently wrong?

I constantly hear speeches addressing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, public schools, and many other similar issues, among which are whether taxes should be raised or lowered.

"Everyone" arguing the pros and cons but no one asking the one most significant question - everyone seeming to presume that the most important question is totally irrelevant - the most important question being a determination of the source of the authority for the government’s imposition of any of these programs.

I expect that most people will immediately presume that the authority is determined by the vote of the majority of either the voters or the members of the legislatures, however this is most certainly NOT the proper answer.
I have no Natural authority to command another and no other individual has any Natural authority to command anyone, so how could it be reasonable for voters who have no individual authority to vote to combine their non-existing authority, in order to enable them to command those who would otherwise disagree?

Prior to the creation of the United States Freedom of the common man had never existed anywhere in the recorded history of man. The creation of the United States seriously upset the aristocrat class in all Europe. They hate the United States and have been working to destroy it from the beginning.

The enemies of Freedom have now infiltrated the Presidency as Obama, by his actions, has clearly indicated he has no use for or appreciation of Freedom of the common man.

Until we understand that the government of a truly Free people cannot reasonably be imbued with any more authority than the  authority Naturally imbued into  any  one  single individual man or woman, we will never correct any of these problems and we will never enjoy true Freedom!

True Freedom cannot exist where taxation is imposed; where voting is used to command obedience; and where the government has control of the education of the children.

As you do not have the authority yourself, how then can you create a government and imbue it with such authority?

Eric Williams, Yellville

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