Friday, January 13, 2012

]22-Occupy Little Rock Mission Statement Offensive ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 10/20/2011 - Printed 10/27/2011

Occupy Little Rock Mission Statement offensive

I find the mission statement of Occupy Little Rock to be offensive in that it includes several Socialistic/Communistic tenants.

Although it is true that major corporations are improperly influencing politicians, they are able to do so because of four major defects in our Federal CONstitution:

(1) The provision allowing CONgress to borrow money on the credit of the United States should be totally eliminated and more importantly;

(2) The Preamble to the CONstitution should be amended to include a statement that the government created under this Constitution shall NEVER be construed to have the ability to exercise more authority than the authority Naturally imbued into any one single individual man or woman. This limitation shall be strictly and narrowly construed to limit the authority of CONgress!; and;

(3) That in recognition of Naturally inherent Individual Freedom, the outcome of voting shall never ever be construed to require the conformance of the otherwise unwilling, at any level of government, State or Federal. How many men voting, would it take to properly and democratically vote the panties off an unwilling woman? and;

(4) Taxation for any purpose what-so-ever would be a violation of the previous three provisions. Taxation (a euphemism for armed robbery) shall NEVER be used to fund any level of government of this Federation (State or Federal) - all four levels of government shall be funded through interest collected on loans extended to private sector borrowers by the People's Central Bank (created through the Federalization of the currently privately owned Federal Reserve System).

The first principle of Occupy Little Rock, although properly complaining about how mortgages are improperly foreclosed on by mortgage holders who cannot present wet ink signed mortgage contracts, this principle is none the less seriously defective because it fails to acknowledge (1) that the mortgagee has not paid for the house and (2) that it is the people of the community, as a whole, who comprise the actual entity that provides the funding for these foreclose on homes, NOT the "lending" bank.

When this wet ink signature ploy is used to enable a delinquent mortgagee to skate out of paying his mortgage contract and retain possession of the house, such borrower is cheating all his friends and neighbors in the community. The proper answer to this problem is to recognize that the so called lending banks have no proper authority to sell these mortgages (because the original "lending" banks do not own the mortgages except through fraud) and that all these mortgages are properly owned by the community where the houses are situated.

Delinquent mortgage holders should be given the opportunity to work out an affordable payment plan or move out of the house. A government oversight committee should be devised to facilitate the handling of all mortgage and all other community funded loan contracts located in their jurisdiction.

For more information on this please go to message # 285 on my Yahoo Group: And read the proposed 28th Amendment to the Federal Constitution presented there.

Eric Williams, Yellville

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