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7-Lets Get Philosophical ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 11/15/2009 - Printed 12/3/2009

Let’s Get Philosophical

Of   all   creatures   humans   are   the   only   ones   that intentionally manipulate others into a condition of servitude. No, not all humans, but enough to cause the good to create a defensive mechanism to prevent the evil few from working their evil ways. The problem is that no sooner do the good people create their defensive mechanism than the evil people infiltrate and take it over and use it as their means of imposing their evil on the unsuspecting good people who are so truly so good and trusting that they are unable to even consider that their protective organization has been subverted by the evil few. No matter how badly the protective organization is perverted, the good people will continue to insist that they are free and that their government is the most wonderful ever devised.

The reason the evil people have always been able to take over is because they have made it their business to understand the fundamental nature of the human species; which the common good people do not even think about, because,  in  their  goodness,  they  are  not  motivated  to figure out how to control others using indoctrinating mind control.

We humans are not born with any individual personal naturally  instilled  ability  to  discern  that  what  we  are taught is good or bad for us on an individual basis. Human children accept everything they are taught as being the
way things are supposed to be. This is particularly significant in regard to the societal organization, government.

For the most part the good common people are totally devoid of any ability to even consider that there could be another way society could be organized other than the way they were taught. I write "for the most part" because there are a few humans who are different, a  few  who  are  actually Naturally imbued with  an ability to understand the basic nature of humans to be susceptible to mind controlling programming. All to many of these few truly intelligent people choose to follow the evil route and use their gift of Natural perception to gain control over the general population. These evil people are prone to work their way into political positions so they can manipulate society to their personal benefit.

At times, over the centuries of human societal evolution, there have been attempts of the good people to establish a societal organization where the evil people would be prevented from taking over but, so far, none of these efforts have succeeded for any significant period of time. The few intelligent good people who truly understand what must be done to create a truly free society are outnumbered by the general population who succumb to the socialistic bribery of the evil few who always seem able to worm their way into positions of influence.

It seems impossible for the general population to comprehend that when the society is designed in such a manner that the government is "recognized" as automatically having proper authority to require compliance of anyone, in even the slightest degree, that such society has doomed itself, ultimately, to a condition of total subservience of everyone to the whim of the evil people who will have wormed their way into positions of political power.

Recognizing   this   nature   of   humans   will   enable   us   to understand why the United States has been turned into the most micro-managed subservient society ever, and, hopefully, will enable us to save ourselves before it is too late.

Eric Williams, Yellville

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