Friday, January 13, 2012

]28- Finally, 9/11 Truth Outed ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 1/5/2012 - Printed 1/12/2012

Finally, 9/11 Truth Outed

A few weeks ago I wrote asking why we couldn't get the truth about 9/11, well now we've got it, in SPADES!!! And, it is nothing of what most of us expected. There was no standard building controlled demolition, C-4 explosives, thermite demolition and certainly NOT the official government cover-up claim that the buildings were brought down by burning jet fuel.

One of my Talk Show listeners sent me links to two extensive interviews, one in England. the other Australia, of a marvelous woman, Dr. Judy Wood, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., who is undoubtedly the world's foremost expert in the physical properties of building materials and physical materials in general.

In these interviews Dr. Wood insisted the hosts concentrate on known scientific facts and not engage in premature speculations and conclusions, especially when such speculations and conclusions were based on what we think we know rather than on what we know we do not know. Dr. Wood insisted that the only proper way to determine how the buildings had been destroyed was by examining the evidence, NOT by trying to shoe-horn a conclusion based on our limited knowledge of how the structures might have been eliminated.

Unknown to most of us there was no huge pile of stacked up pan-caked floors of any of the seven buildings destroyed that day - that's right, there were seven buildings destroyed on 9/11.

Neither were there any steel beams shipped to China or any pool of molten steel under any of the destroyed buildings, as we had been deceitfully led to believe; neither have we ever been told there were approximately 1,400 vehicles destroyed that day, many of them several blocks distant from the WTC. Neither were we told that there were over a thousand building occupants that had in some manner been forced to exit through the upper floor windows of the buildings. I am not writing that they jumped because Dr. Wood postulates that the evidence does not indicate they left the buildings intentionally.

Neither were we told that there was very little solid physical debris and no bodies recovered, or that the observable factual evidence revealed that everything that was missing had been turned to dust, into a very fine powder, that continued its process of disappearing into nothing for several weeks, months and years.

Through scientific evaluation of the existing evidence Dr. Wood concluded that the buildings and contents, including  the bodies of the victims, had been "dustified", through some manner of molecular disassociation by some unknown form of Directed Free Energy Technology.

I encourage all readers to go to:


and click on the many links Dr, Wood has provided to her research material, and, to purchase her 540 page book "Where Did The Towers Go", I did, and I consider this book’s importance second only to my Bible!!!

I ask you, who could possibly have the technology to perpetrate this destruction and manage the cover-up other that our deceitful government?

Eric Williams, Yellville

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