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6-More On The Lies Of Government ... ... ... ... ... Presented 10/31/09 - Not Printed

More on The Lies Of Government

We are literally in a battle for our freedom, and, if we have not already lost we are mighty close. Last week this newspaper printed my letter explaining how a defendant might be able to get the trial by jury guaranteed in the State onstitution, in a minor issue such as  a  traffic  citation  for  not wearing a seat belt. I was pleasantly surprised that this newspaper printed my letter, maybe there is more hope than I had dared to dream?

I am currently involved in what started out as a minor traffic citation for driving without a driver license issued to me in 2005. This is not considered by the authorities of Arkansas to be a serious issue. As I recall the fine in 2005 was only $135.00. At the time of the so called trial, I paid a court reporter $125.00 to record the proceedings with instructions to inform the court that my position was that the court did not have political jurisdiction over me and if the judge felt otherwise, to send an officer out to the courthouse parking lot where I was waiting, to arrest me and bring me inside, in custody. The judge, Judith Bearden, sent  two  police  officers  and  deputy Prosecutor Kenford Carter out  to  talk  to  me. Kenford asked  me  questions"For the  record", "Why was I not coming inside?" My response, "Because this court does not have jurisdiction over me, if I walk inside voluntarily, it will be construed that I have acknowledged the jurisdiction of this court over me. Did the judge inside instruct you officers to arrest me?" The officers said, "No, she did not", whereupon the matter seemed to be concluded. The three men reentered the court building and I departed, except that the judge then issued a warrant for my arrest and charged me with failing to appear.

Here we are four years later involved in very serious litigation starting out as a minor violation, where the government of Arkansas is now in a battle against me for its very survival. That is correct, although I am the designated defendant, it is Arkansas that is on trial here, and so far, Arkansas is losing, but that will surely change before this trial is over because Arkansas has the power of the lie and of the gun, and through the use of the power of its gun Arkansas will be able to enforce its lie, and win, and the people of Arkansas will lose, big time!

A year or two ago the government of Marion County was considering the outlawing of used mobile homes in this county. Through mailers and other advertising the sellers of used mobile homes were able to raise support of hundreds of people against this  ordinance and  the  ordinance was dropped. The People of Marion County won, but for the wrong reason.

Government can properly have no more authority than any one individual man or woman. How many men would it take to vote the panties off an unwilling woman? Voting to impose a crime does not sanctify the crime, it just proves that voting, all voting, anytime the outcome is purported to require the obedience of the otherwise unwilling, is a criminal act.

Come witness the charade as it proceeds in the District Court on November 9th  at 10:00 A.M., where the State has to prove I am a person, as the word person is defined in the statutes of Arkansas. I am most definitely not such a person, but come watch how the power of the gun enforces the government's lie, to ignore and destroy the truth.

Eric Williams, Yellville

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