Friday, January 13, 2012

]26- New Law Enabling Internment of Citizens ... ... Presented 12/15/2011 - Printed 12/29/2011

New Law Enabling
Internment of Citizens

Congress has enacted a new law empowering Obama to intern any United States citizen he or his underlings decide are a threat to the United States and keep them interned indefinitely, without charges being filed or being accorded a court hearing or trial, and without notifying anyone that the U.S. citizen has been interned.

This law is titled: National Defense Authorization Act 2011(NDAA2011).

Many citizens are screaming that this is unconstitutional, a violation of the Bill of Rights, however they are all wrong. Such internment is allowed under the 14th Amendment, and I contend the 14th Amendment allows such internment even without the passage of this new law.  I contend the purpose of this passage is for Obama to openly and flagrantly test the susceptibility, the resistence, of U.S. citizens to such unconscionable internment.
To understand this we must understand that the status, citizen of the United States, is NOT equivalent to People of the United States.   By right of birth everyone lawfully born in the United States is part of the Sovereign People of the United States, as was established by the Rebels of and on July 4, 1776!

Such Sovereign People are reduced to become mere subservient citizens of the United States when they voluntarily apply for a franchise to use the name on "their" birth certificate (such name having become owned by the State, in Arkansas this State  ownership is enabled under Title 18/28/202), when such People have been led to believe they are merely applying for a driver license, whereupon the name becomes the applicant's "True Legal Name", and the applicant is reduced from being of the Sovereign People to be merely a subservient U.S. citizen and, under the 14th  Amendment, thereby voluntarily becoming subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, thereby no longer having any protection set forth in the Bill of Rights, but only has “civil rights” as determined by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, meaning - Tyrannical Obama!

The 13th Amendment protects the People of the United States who do NOT apply for a “True Legal Name” franchise, from being subjected to the subservient domination of the Federal Government.  The problem is most of the population has been fraudulently indoctrinated in government schools to strongly believe that U.S. citizenship is the highest status of Freedom.   When U.S. citizens strongly scream, they may be ignored as they have no political standing to demand to be heard, they only have physical power - that is why Obama had this new law passed - to test the willingness of the citizens to use their physical power, if they do, Obama will then have the excuse he needs to intern all who resist, both physically and intellectually.
If we are to secure our Freedom we must do so peacefully, by electing a Constitutionalist who has  a record of reducing government intrusion in our lives, such as is Texas Congressman Ron Paul, even though he is a Republican.

Eric Williams, Yellville

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