Friday, January 6, 2012

]15-You Do Not Own Your Name ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 3/20/2011 Printed 4/28/2011

You Do Not Own Your Name!

That's right, and there is no such thing as citizenship by birth, and when youapply for your first driver license you are not initially applying for what you have all of your life been led to believe you are applying!

It is all a scam, a work around the government has devised to circumvent the Thirteenth Amendment's, and Section 27 of Article 2 of the Arkansas Constitution's prohibition of Involuntary Servitude.

It is all tied up in the issue of who it is that owns your name, not who owns you, but who it is that owns your name, and it AIN'T you!

Face it, you were born with arms and legs, fingers and toes. All the parts of your body belong to you, but Nature did NOT provide you with a name and "your" name does not belong to you!

"Your" name originally belonged to whomever created it, most probably your parents. However, if your parents did not overtly and properly legally register their ownership of that name then they lose such ownership to the State of Arkansas, under Arkansas Code, Title 18, Chapter 28, Section 202.

Everyone is born politically free and politically independent, this is a condition of Nature. It is self evident that citizenship is a condition of political servitude so, in order for a free born individual to become a citizen that free born individual must be induced to volunteer into a condition of political servitude.

This is accomplished by the State's requirement that all children attend government indoctrination centers euphemistically knoen as public schools, where the impressionable children are indoctrinated to believe they became citizens by birth. This is an outright lie, it is impossible to become subservient to an artificial entity by birth!

The schools fraudulently teach you that you became a citizen by birth, and your parents, having likewise been indoctrinated, reinforce that fraud. When you become sixteen years old you do as you have been indoctrinated to do, you present "your" birth certificate to the Arkansas Revenue office, believing that all you are doing is applying for a driver license but this is a lie! The State has no authority to require you to do anything, and I mean anything, until you volunteer! The State is an artificial entity created by men and such men cannot reasonably imbue their artificial creation with any more authority than that held by any one of those men.

The only way the State can require you to do anything is by your voluntary act as an adult. Your parents have no ability to sign you up for anything. You are their child, not their property! The State has become the owner of "your" name but that name has no legal attachment to you until YOU attach to it as an adult!

There in no information on a birth certificate that can connect that document to any specific individual. The State cannot require you to have a driver license or pay any manner of taxation until you first voluntarily enter into a subservient relationship with the State. You do that when you hand "your" birth certificate over to the Revenue Office clerk.

What you are first doing is applying to the state to be issued a "true legal name", being the name entered on the birth certificate, that became owned by the state five years after it was recorded, under Title 18, 28, 202.

Eric Williams, Yellville

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