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]18-Where Does The Authority of Government Come From? ... ... Presented 8/7/2011 Printed 9/8/2011

Where Does The Authority of Government Come From?

This is a very serious question that no one seems to consider even as their lives are increasingly micro-managed by an artificial entity that does not exist in Nature.  

Governments are created by men who individually have no Natural authority to command anyone to submit themselves to obey their individual command - so how can it possibly be reasonable for such impotent men to imbue their artificial entity with more authority than they themselves are Naturally imbued with?

Many people will respond, explaining that the additional authority is enabled through the voting process, but this raises the same question - how can it be reasonable for voters who have no individual Naturally imbued authority to command anyone to submit themselves to obey them, create such authority simply by their agreement that such authority is, in their collective opinion, "for the good of everyone"?

How many men voting, would it take to properly and democratically vote the panties off an unwilling woman? - For the good, they claim, of the emotional well being of the men voting?

What about the emotional well being of the woman in the minority? How can it be reasonable that the claim of the men to service their emotional well being supersedes the well being of the woman?

Additionally, the very important question raised by the foregoing is, "Where does the authority come from that enables the majority to dictate to the minority?"

How can any society where such voting is utilized possibly claim to be a society where freedom prevails? But then we hear the United States commonly referred to as being the "freest" country - The use of the word "freest" is a clear admission that the United States is not totally free -

Who gets to decide the degree of freedom that will be or will not be allowed? If each individual man or woman is not totally free - then how is anyone properly classified as being free? How can anyone be partially free? How can Freedom be minced into partitions?

Who gets to decide which aspect of Freedom is to be curtailed? Where does the authority come from that enables those that do the deciding to do the deciding?

Sounds like a police state to me.

The government of a Free people cannot possibly be imbued with any more authority than the authority Naturally imbued into any one single individual man or woman!

Until this is understood True Freedom will never exist among mankind! Freedom certainly does NOT exist in the United States, and never has!

Think about it!

Eric Williams, Yellville

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