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4-Criminal Enforcement Of The Law ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented 8/7/2009 - No Record of Printing

Criminal Enforcement of the Law

On April 17, 2009,
endangered child. Sheeley arrested the driver (not me) for not having a driver license.

The fun began when Sheeley informed us that as none of us had a driver license that he was going to have the Dodge towed. I immediately requested Sheeley call Cheever Towing. Sheeley’s immediate response: "You don’t get a choice!" Whereupon I immediately called Cheever on a cell, Jim Cheever agreed to come and do the tow. No sooner had that call ended when Sheeley called Cheever and cancelled my tow order, informing Cheever that Sheeley was going to call a tow truck according to the police rotation list. This was a flagrant violation of the owner preference provision of Arkansas tow statutes but worse, it was a violation of the trust extended to police officers to avoid any appearance that they mete out roadside justice to punish people they do not like. At the scene of Sheeley’s crime he vehemently made it known that he does not like me because of what I teach on my talk shows about our loss of freedom and how we are all continually indoctrinated by the government to believe its continued lies about just about everything including that we are free when, in truth, we are the most micro-managed people on the planet. Sheeley repeatedly characterized my teachings as "bullshit".

I complained to the Arkansas Tow and Recovery Board who passed it to the State Police. Lt Foster (Harrison) wrote me claiming Sheeley’s actions were legal and complied with State Police Policy. Foster copied his letter to Major Braunns in Little Rock. Braunns did not object to Foster’s backup of Sheeley.

Arkansas statutes clearly require Sheeley to honor my request that Cheever be assigned the tow. In no wild stretch of the imagination is there any provision allowing Sheeley to cancel my tow order to Cheever.

The Tow statutes are posted on the Arkansas Tow and Recovery Board’s website:
three adults were traveling around Flippin in the cab of a Dodge pickup with one 43 year old woman riding in the back. We were pulled over by State Trooper Matthew Sheeley who thought the woman in the back was an


Was operated to a place of apprehension by law enforcement under police power and the operator thereof removed from the vehicle and taken into police custody:
Read 27-50-1202 (10) "Unattended" means any vehicle left on public property without the consent of an authority in charge of the property or on or near a public way without some person, gratuitous bailee, or bailee for hire in possession of the vehicle and that:

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