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9-Anchor Baby Fraud ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Presented6/23/2010 - Not Printed

Anchor Baby Fraud

As strange as it may seem, there is no such thing as citizenship by birth. The wording of the 14th Amendment does not establish US citizenship by birth and if it did, it would constitute an impossibility.

As strange as it may seem, no one has ever been born in the United States. This is true because the United States does not physically exist. The US exists only as an artificial political entity. This is not a complaint or a denial of the existence of the US, only a statement of undeniable fact.

The US exists only in its Constitution and in the minds of those persons who agree to accept such existence. However, just because I agree that the US exists such agreement does not make me obligated to the US government, as is recognized by the 13th Amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude.

As no man has authority to bind or command another man to service, the 13th Amendment does not, in and of itself, prohibit involuntary servitude. All the 13th actually does is proclaim and acknowledge the natural free condition of man at birth.

It must be acknowledged that citizenship is a condition of political servitude, again, this is not a complaint, merely an acknowledgment of fact.

Because citizenship is a condition of servitude, in order for citizenship to be acquired, it must be entered into intentionally as the voluntary act of each person. Until a person grows to the age of accountability the person cannot volunteer into citizenship. A baby's mother has no ability to in any way place her baby into a condition of servitude (children are NOT property), therefore, there is no such thing as an "anchor baby".

Citizenship by birth is a fraud perpetrated by the government in order to fraudulently induce people, born free, to believe they were born into a condition of political servitude - known as "taxpayer".

The birth certificate plays a critical role in the perpetration of this fraud. No person can identify "their" birth certificate from their own knowledge.

Under Arkansas statutes, the "name" on the BC is assumed to have been abandoned by the parents and thereby owned by the state.

At the age of 16 the "properly" indoctrinated "child" presents "his" or "her" BC to the State and officially requests permission from the state to use the state owned "name" as the applicant’s "true legal name", the state agrees, issuing a state issued ID card (or driver license), and the applicant thereby becomes a licensed franchise of the State, very similar to a McDonald's franchise.

Thereafter, every time the franchise holder used the true legal name the franchise holder must do so in conformity to the rules set down in the codes of Arkansas, which the individual would not be obligated to do if he or she had not applied for such franchise license.

The franchise agreement is known as "citizenship". Why don't they teach these details in the public government controlled schools?

Eric Williams, Yellville

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