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Who Ruined America?
If you are a citizen of the United States and you want to know who ruined America, I suggest you take a good look in the mirror - because it was YOU!

At this time everyone is clamoring for lower taxes and less government. The Congress has cancelled its 4th of July recess in order to work out a bipartisan budget which seems to be hopelessly deadlocked.

Although everyone wants to reduce government spending everyone wants to do so by cutting the other guys government paid mandates, but not their own. 

The most expensive government paid programs are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the military. It is difficult to cut any of these programs because the citizens receiving the first three items are literally living on those mandates although Medicare and Medicaid are not the most expensive They are  none the less very expensive and both are programs where the cost is most easily diminished, if not altogether eliminated - how to do that?
Make all the sick people well - sound impossible? I would have agreed a few weeks ago but then one of the listeners to my talk show sent me a link to a video about the curative powers of Hemp Oil. It is truly amazing!

A Canadian, Rick Simpson, discovered the curative ability of Hemp Oil. In 2003 Rick began making Hemp Oil and giving it away to everyone who asked. Cancer patients who were on their death bed ingested Hemp Oil and within 2 or 3 months their cancer was totally gone. And, not only cancer, the Hemp Oil cured every disease it was applied against.
There are 30 to 40 individuals on this video telling about how they were cured with Hemp Oil. The news was spreading fast in Nova Scotia and many new patients were being cured - until the medical profession and Big Pharma heard about what Rick was doing - that caused the Canadian authorities to shut down Rick Simpson's free distribution of Hemp Oil.
All we have to do here in America is make our own Hemp Oil.  Rick explains how to do it in his video - it is fairly simple - anyone could make their own is a few hours - enough to cure whatever might be ailing them.

My glacoma eye drops cost me more than $200.00 a month at Wal-Mart - Hemp Oil is virtually free.
Go watch Rick's video yourself:


Or Google for Rick Simpson.

So, how are you guilty? You have allowed yourself to be indoctrinated to believe Hemp plants are evil and must not be grown because they contain THC, an ingredient of marijuana.

Hemp Oil made from Hemp plants does not cause patients to become high from the THC in the Hemp Oil.

The War on Drugs is a total failure and should be cancelled . Its true purpose is to protect the huge profits of the medical profession and Big Pharma. We don’t need Obama’s very expensive health plan - we need to get everyone well with the very inexpensive Hemp Oil - which we can make ourselves if the government would remove the restrictions on growing Hemp plants.

We can greatly reduce government spending by eliminating the failed War on drugs and using Hemp Oil to cure everyone’s sicknesses.

Hemp Oil is NOT POT!

Eric Williams, Yellville

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