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The United States is NOT a Nation!; Eric Williams New Blog

We continually hear high ranking government officials and TV talking heads and radio talk show hosts refer to the United States using the word "Nation".

A Nation is a societal organization where there is one central government in charge of everything at every level of the society. This does not mean that a nation is a dictatorship - it could be but not necessarily.

In the U.S., in all official references, we find the official wording refers to a Federal status , not a National status. We have a Federal Bureau of Investigation NOT a National Bureau of Investigation.

The United States is a Federation of Fifty Independent Sovereign Nation States. Each of the Fifty states is a Sovereign Nation, because the State government has political dominion over everything political that happens in that state.

Each of those states is Sovereign and independent from each other and each of them have individually agreed to surrender certain limited authority to the Federal Government, and the Federal Government has no proper authority to interfere with the internal affairs of any of the states.

When the U.S. is referred to as a Nation such reference serves to undermine the Sovereign Independent status of each of the Several States. Over the years this has had the effect of causing the purported Sovereign States to be treated as though they were counties of a National government. This is one of the reasons we have so many Federal Socialistic agencies and programs in this "former"Federation.

And neither is the United States a Republic! Communist China, North Korea and Cuba are all republics, but further explanation of that will have to come later.

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